This year seems to have seen a spike in older cross-dressing males, in Japan at least. According to some, the trend has steadily been on the rise in urban centers like Tokyo. Even in China, a grandfather set the modeling world on fire with the way he shows off his daughter’s merchandise.

As the year comes to a close one more elderly man has openly joined the ranks of bearded dress wearers: Santa Claus!

Just before embarking on his world-wide journey to deliver presents to boys and girls, Santa made a brief appearance at a shopping mall in China to show everyone his new outfit. The locals were so impressed that they erected a 2.5m statue of Ol’ Saint Nick to commemorate the event.

The statue depicts Santa reenacting one of his favorite Marilyn Monroe movie moments from Seven Year Itch where her dress blows up as she walks over a subway grate.

When asked about Santa’s predilection for pinafores, Mrs. Claus at the North Pole said “Oh, he spends all year just hanging around the house. So I told him ‘why not just wear one of my skirts, it’s more comfortable’ and he did. He loved it so much that he decided never to go back to pants. He said this year he wanted the whole world to know that Santa loves wearing dresses.”

While it’s great that Santa has found new levels of comfort. This statue highlights two disturbing things. First, Santa seems to wear tight black panties that appear to ride up his butt crack.

Secondly, why do all these old guys have amazingly smooth legs?!

Source: Longkou News (Chinese) via China Explosion (Japanese)