Awesome covers

Get a shiny new iPhone 5 for Christmas? Already own one but looking for a way to spruce it up for the new year? These covers may be just the ticket!

Designed by Japanese writer and photographer Ken Oyama, these snappy smartphone covers are sure to draw plenty of interested glances on your next train ride or visit to a trendy coffee-house.

Aimed at those with a passion for doboku (lit. “earth and tree”, referring in particular to engineering and “public works”), Oyama’s phone covers are available in a choice of three designs: a towering pipe-and-steel factory, a municipal apartment block, and an enormous multi-layered concrete intersection. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t even consider slapping a freeway-inspired cover on our trendy smartphones, but the images’ level of detail, intoxicating lighting and crisp, clean lines has us completely transfixed.

Kawasaki factory case:

cover 1

Old-school public housing in Japan:

cover 2

Tangled concrete junction design:

cover 3

The covers are made from a reusable resin, meaning that you’re able to peel them off your phone and switch designs multiple times to suit your architecturally inspired mood.

Unfortunately, the covers are all currently sold out, but keep an eye on the Maniacs Manufacturing website where they’ll hopefully be available to order again soon. Each of the cases costs 2,500 yen (US$28).

Source: Gizmodo JP