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If you visit The Louvre, don’t even think about getting near the Mona Lisa, let alone touching Leonardo da Vinci’s priceless work of art. But what if you find yourself in Tianjin, China and Mona Lisa touches you?

Famous works of art and new additions to the art world are brought to life in an exhibit of 3D paintings on display at a shopping mall in Tianjin, providing patrons with fun photo opportunities and lots of laughs.

3D Art

3D Art3

3D Art4

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The Magic Art Special Exhibition at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Center contains even more 3D painting. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the works of art; sitting on, touching, and in some cases, sticking their heads in the middle of the paintings.

Magic Art Exhibition

Magic Art Exhibition2

Magic Art

Magic Art

Magic Art

Magic Art

Magic Art Exhibition8

Magic Art

Magic Art Exhibition10

Magic Art

Magic Art

Magic Art Exhibition13

Magic Art

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