Comiket Blood Donation Poster

The annual “running of the nerds” that takes place before the doors of Comiket (Comic Market) open to the public is a sight to be seen. Every year, Comiket offers hoards of otaku their chance at snagging some extremely limited edition items, and this year was no exception.

These enthusiastic comic-lovers are so obsessed with getting their hands on Comiket’s ultra rare items that one otaku shelled out 27,500 yen (US $316) for a poster that was given out for free.

The Japanese Red Cross Society provided blood donation mobiles and offered a free poster to anyone who donated 400ml of blood during Comiket83 (December 29-31).  A variety of free posters were offered from AQUAPLUS (ToHeart2, Tears to Tiara), Overdrive, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Minato Soft.




Only 3,000 posters were printed for this event and once the posters ran out, the campaign was closed.  Disappointed at not having the chance to bleed out for a free poster, a few internet users became engaged in an online bidding war over this poster:

Comiket Blood Donation Poster

In total, twenty bids were placed and when the auction finally ended, the lucky winner had to pay 27,500 yen (US $316) for a poster he could have gotten for free.

Donate blood, get a free poster.  Sell said poster online for $316.

…It’s almost like they sold their blood for $316.  Not too shabby.

Source: Hamusoku