While McDonald’s Japan has been known to run some customer-pleasing promotions in the past, no amount of free hamburgers can top the stunt performed by the young female crew of one Taiwanese McDonald’s, who dressed up in pink maid outfits on New Year’s Eve.

The photo above quickly circulated online after being posted to Facebook and Twitter on January 1 and shows what it might look like if McDonald’s started running maid cafes. The girls even addressed their customers as “master”.

New Year’s cosplay is not customary of all McDonald’s in Taiwan (though we’re not sure why) and only took place at the Dingshan branch in Kaosiung on December 31.

Four staff members dressed up for the occasion and they even shared photos of themselves in costume on the store’s Facebook page.

We imagine there are quite a few people who would visit a McMaid Cafe even if they aren’t particularly fond of the food. The ball’s in your court, McDonald’s Japan.

Source: Facebook

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