On January 4, McDonald’s Japan launched their “Enjoy! 60 Second Service” campaign, which promises customers their meal in less than 60 seconds or their next hamburger free.

The service is only in effect from the hours of 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and the time limit doesn’t apply to products that are known to take over a minute to prepare, like the hefty Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Even still, the promotion is shaping up to be a bit too much for the poor McDonald’s Japan floor staff, who are literally on the timer with every order. Only two days after launch, Twitter has erupted with complaints that the promotion has caused a sudden drop in the quality of service, with many people sharing photos of their own “60 second disasters.”

For those of you wondering when McDonald’s ever had good service, we invited you to watch the following video taken at a McDonald’s in Japan.

This prompt, courteous service, along with a clean store interior and food that actually looks (somewhat) similar to how it does on the menu, are what Japanese customers can and do expect when they walk into a McDonald’s — and any other fast food chain for that matter.

If customers feel like their order is not being treated with the respect and care it deserves, they’ll take their business to Burger King, Wendy’s, or one of the domestic hamburger chains where the quality of service is still at “standard”.

The Japanese are used to, and even pride themselves on spending a little extra time and money for better quality food (yes, even fast food). Most people don’t mind waiting an extra 20-30 seconds if it means a more appetizing meal. Likewise — and this is what people are clamoring for McDonald’s to realize — Japanese consumers will not tolerate shoddy service just for the promise of free food.

Many people are already labeling the 60 second promotion a failure, not in terms of overall sales but for the damage it could possibly deal to the company’s image in the country. Take into consideration last year’s disastrous decision to remove menus from the counters and it seems like McDonald’s Japan has lost sight of what its customers really value.

We’ve posted some of the “disaster” photos that have been circulating on Twitter below. While a flat Bacon Cheeseburger a wrinkled bags might not seem like terrible offenses to international readers, they’re unforgivable to Japanese customers, especially when you can walk down the street and get a picture-perfect Whopper for the same price.

▼ The tweet that started it all: “McDonald’s needs to stop the 60 second challenge. The service has taken a nose dive! This is no way to pack an order!” (@aoi_shinonome, retweeted 3,000 times)

A_u3Ah_CUAAh3fg▼ “I don’t care if it took more than a minute, I just wanted them to make it a little more carefully…”


“The 60 second challenge is good and all, but what a mess lol”


“I feel like my Bacon Lettuce Burger wasn’t this slim before…”


▼ “They’re being way too frantic with this 60 second thing. Idiots.”


▼ “I was at the drive-thru and ordered a Filet o Fish when they told me, ‘We’re currently doing the 60 second challenge!’, and brought me my entire order in about 30 seconds. I thought it was great until I opened the box and found that the cheese had slipped out of the buns!”


▼ “The 60 second Bacon Lettuce Burger” – Looks like @shineka got stuck with the core


▼ “They threw the fries in so they fell out into the bag, they tipped over my juice when they put it on the tray, and my Big Mac was served to me like this — all because they tried to get me my order in 60 seconds.”


Source: Togetter