Osaka Prefectural Police picked up 37-year-old Takashi Yamaoka for stealing a woman’s panties… while she was still wearing them… again.

On 5 January, in Takashi City, Osaka, a woman sweeping the street was allegedly assaulted by Yamaoka as he tore her underwear off of her body. He is believed to be responsible for around 30 incidents of forcible removal of underwear around southern Osaka since October of 2010.

Among them was an assault in May of 2011, in which a woman in her 30’s was grabbed by the neck and pushed over. The attacker then ripped the underwear off of her and left.  The woman suffered abrasions to her hands and face.

Yamaoka was also arrested last November on charges of tearing the underwear from a teenager.

According to the Osaka Prefectural Police, the suspect admitted that he is “into young and pretty women and whatever kind of panties they are wearing.”

At the risk of playing armchair psychologist, most people in Osaka hang out their laundry to dry.  If someone wants to get their hands on some panties then it’d be pretty easy to steal some.  I should know, I’ve had mine stolen on several occasions.

It would seem that this guy gets off on the attack, and everyone would probably benefit from him taking a long prison sentence or stay in a mental institution.

It’s beginning to seem South Korea is onto something with their penal castration option.

Source: MSN News via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Image: Amazon