Aside marking the beginning of the new year, January 1 was also the 5th anniversary of one of Japan’s most beloved and strangest viral videos: Temple of the Religion of Ronald (Donaldo-kyou Souhonzan), often referred to as “Ronald McDonald Insanity” in English.

The video is made up of clips from a series of bizarre Japanese McDonald’s commercials from the mid-2000s — most notably the nonsensical “Ran Ran Ru” — remixed and mashed up against a song from the popular video game series Tohou Project.

While not its original name, the video came to be referred to as “Temple of the Religion of Ronald” due to the rapid repetition of images and audio of Ronald McDonald, which is thought to result in the mental disorientation and even brainwashing of the viewer. And it looks a little something like this:

The video has accumulated over 10 million views on Niconico, the Japanese video-sharing site where it was originally posted, and an additional 6 million on YouTube.

In addition to being straight up call-an-exorcist disturbing, the video is also credited for having boosted Ronald to meme status, inspiring numerous parodies and making him one of the most popular characters on the Japanese internet.

To celebrate the 5-year anniversary of this timeless classic, a group of three Niconico users have joined forces to remix a tribute that may just top the original in insanity.

We’ve embedded the video below, but be sure to hide your children and keep a rosary close before pressing ‘play’, as doing so will cause dark, unholy things to begin.

Like the Ronald McDonald Insanity, this video was initially posted to Niconico, where it currently has a comfortable 150,000 views.

The song used in the video is a remix of the original, which is a remix in itself, but that’s aside the point. It’s called Saishu Kichiku Imouto Ichibu Koe, which translates to something like Last Brutal Sister One Part Voice, a title that makes about as much sense as the video itself.

While it’s unlikely the video will achieve the same viral status as the video it was made to celebrate, viewers have lauded it with praise, claiming it captures the hypnotizing spirit of the original.

Hypnotizing indeed; is anyone else hungry for a Big Mac and the blood of a baby goat?

Source: Niconico

▼ The source of the madness: Ran Ran Ru~