It’s so hard to know what kind of gift to bring for a baby shower. You have to know what the expectant parents need, the sex of the baby, the colors they like, what other people are bringing… It can take a lot of thought. Or you can just bring them something guaranteed to be original, useful and cute: Diaper Sushi!

At first glance, the Diaper Sushi gift set looks like a take-out box from your local Japanese place, but on closer inspection you’ll see that the rice is actually folded diapers, while the toppings are cleverly disguised items needed by all new parents.

At Diaper Sushi, the rice/diapers are white Pampers, available in small or medium, and there are seven different toppings/baby items to choose from. For example, the egg sushi is crafted using yellow sponges, the tuna is a folded up silicon baking sheet, and the cucumber rolls are made with tightly wound green baby socks.

The gift sets come in four different sizes, from 5,000-10,000 yen, depending on the number of items. Made by the same company that publishes a popular parenting magazine, the sets have really taken off. According to their website, they’ve had so much demand the current waiting time is two months!

If you don’t feel like waiting or don’t live in Japan, this reporter found similar sets for sale on craft site Etsy that ship internationally.

Source: ITmedia
Image: Diaper Sushi