Rooster Archer takes a shot

Coming just days after we brought you images of visitors at a zoo in China tormenting lions by throwing snowballs at them, we receive a collection of photos taken earlier this week showing tourists at China’s Jilin festival shooting arrows at live roosters tied to a wall of ice.

The brutal practice is allegedly part of the yearly festival where visitors are invited to pick up a bow and take a few shots at the squirming birds. Although some of the tourists reportedly refused to take part, there were others who, sadly, weren’t afraid to spill a little blood.

Some readers may find the following images disturbing.

The Rime Festival has been held at Jilin in the north of China for over 20 years, receiving thousands of visitors. As well as offering a variety of healthy winter pursuits such as skiing and riding on horse-drawn sleighs, however, the festival also features the rather gruesome practice of rooster archery.

According to China Smack, the roosters tied to the wall of ice are used to symbolise live prey and are shot at as part of a long-held local custom.

▼The roosters are hung upside down by their feet.

Rooster Archery

▼Although many visitors refused to take part, others were unperturbed.Rooster Archer takes a shot

▼A member of staff prepares a fresh target.hanging a rooster

▼A unfortunate rooster takes an arrow to the neckwounded rooster

Age-old custom or not, the killing of defenceless animals for sport hardly seems fair to us. Were the event’s organisers to hang naked between every other bird and take part themselves we might be more willing to let it fly, but somehow we can’t see that happening.

Source: China Smack / China Highlights