McDonald’s is already known for cheap prices, but it’s about to get a whole lot cheaper: as in free. At least it will if you stop by for breakfast on your way to work Monday.

McDonald’s Japan announced yesterday that it is going to start a promotion called Free Monday, in which one of their breakfast items will be offered free to customers. The company hopes to increase the number of breakfast customers.

Until February 4th, anyone coming to a McDonald’s between the hours of 6-9am on Mondays will get a free item. Starting on January 21st with a free Sausage McMuffin, the giveaway will be followed by a free small coffee on the 28th and a free hashbrown on the 4th.

Eiko Harada, the president and CEO, said at a press conference held at a Shinjuku branch, “Almost everyone has had the experience of dining out, but those who eat breakfast at a restaurant is just 1 in 3. We hope to draw in those who would normally eat at home or at a convenience store.” He also stated that their goal is to raise breakfast items from 15% of sales to 20%. Then he handed out the ceremonial first freebie.

Last year, sales for the company dropped against the previous year for the first time in almost a decade. To raise revenues, the company is experimenting with discontinuing the 100 yen menu in parts of the country and with promotions like this one and the much maligned 60-second campaign.

Source: Asahi Shimbun
Image: McDonald’s