I remember being 10-years-old and thinking how cool it would be if they made a pokéball version of the Nestlé Wonder Ball filled with candy Pokémon. Apparently, I was not the only one.

Mosogourmet, a YouTube cooking channel run by a Japanese family, has uploaded a video showing how to make your very own hollow chocolate pokéball, complete with a miniature Pikachu made out of marzipan. 

Check the video below!

Like many other of mosogourmet’s videos, one of the key ingredients here is patience.

The chocolate shell looks easy enough, providing you can find a silicone mold similar to the one seen in the video. We found two on Amazon that might work, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your hands on colored candy wafers.

The marzipan Pikachu looks like a challenge though. Those of you with clumsy hands may want to ask a more dexterous friend to help you out to avoid ending up with freaky Mexican Pikachu, as “mosogourmet father” did:


Or you could always buy premade Pokémon candy, though I hear those are rather…rare.

Source: YouTube