OK, file this one under “and how exactly did they figure that out?” but apparently you can operate your iPhone touch screen with a mushroom.

Twitter user @nishi_n discovered the new use for the king oyster mushroom, which is known as eringi in Japan. He tweeted a picture demonstrating how the fungi can be used to operate the phone and it quickly went viral, garnering over 8,000 retweets. Users were obviously impressed with his ingenuity, leaving a multitude of emotive comments such as “Holy crap!” and “Un-frickin-believable!”

The editorial staff over at tech blog IT Media caught wind of the discovery and tried it themselves, discovering that the king oyster mushroom does indeed work on a touch screen. However, they did notice that its large size made it a bit tricky to maneuver, so they recommended getting the smallest mushroom you can find if you want to try this at home. They also add that they sauteed their test eringi with butter after the experiment and found it delicious.

Oh, and if you are wondering, @nishi_n says the idea for the experiment came to him after another tweeter said they could operate their iPhone using a cheese kamaboko, a stick-shaped snack made from fish paste.

And science marches on.

Source: IT Media
Image: @nishi_n