mouse for sale

Selling your junk online just took on an altogether different meaning.

While we’re probably all aware of how much more enticing auction items that feature photographs are, after seeing this image, those looking for good deal on a computer mouse may have been left wishing they’d taken a chance on an item that lacked a photo.

Coming from a Chinese auction site, the above image shows what at first appears to be a perfectly normal ASUS optical mouse. Boxed! And oh-so-shiny! But wait… what’s that being reflected in the plastic packaging? Oh. Oh dear.

We’ve read stories in the past of feckless factory workers anonymously sharing photos of unannounced smartphones and tablets online before realising that their face is clearly reflected in their screens, and while taking a shaky video of a new interactive storybook application last week, this writer was constantly aware that his ghostly visage may appear in the screen and terrify his beloved readers, but thankfully it’s rare to find full frontal nudity staring back at us.

▼Behold! ASUS mouse, complete with fat nude man!

mouse for sale includes nude man

Let this be a lesson to all of you eBay-ers: if you’re photographing something shiny to sell online, be sure that you’re at least wearing underwear while you take the snap.

No word yet as to whether this particular seller sold his mouse or if the unfortunate image prompted shoppers to find a merchant who at least had the decency to blur out their genitals in promotional images.

Source: TTMop via ゴールドラッシュ