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Spontaneous physical arousal, also known in the western world as “random wood” amongst other monikers, has happened to most men at some point in their lives. For those just entering adulthood, it can can be painfully embarrassing – and in some cases even lead to some taking drastic action – but thankfully the majority of us are not TV stars being watched by millions when it happens.

As part of a romantic comedy sketch acted out on a recent Korean variety show, popular TV personality Gili Kim embraced beautiful Jimin Kim and lifted her up in the air. From there, tragically, physiological instincts took over, leaving poor Gili with no way of concealing his excitement. The images were soon shared thousands of times via Twitter and Korean Internet bulletin boards, prompting the star to speak out and admit that he may have become lost in the moment.

“This was a misunderstanding,” Gili is reported to have said in regard to his spontaneous trouser protrusion. “My emotions took over and I wasn’t able to maintain control.”


Perhaps the worst part of it all is that Gili’s own mother is also believed to have caught sight of the embarrassing images on TV. It’s one thing to have millions of strangers witness nature get the better of you, but your dear ol’ mum seeing you stand to attention must be a different kind of shame altogether.

Understandably, netizens had plenty to say about the cheeky image. While some empathized with Gili:

Well, it’s nice to see him being open about it!

Hey, I think pretty much every guy out there has had this happen to him.

He’s a young guy- it can’t be helped!

Others were less understanding, and suggested that a man in his 20s ought not to lose control quite so easily:

A “misunderstanding”? That’s one heck of a misunderstanding, there…

Does this kind of thing really happen just by laying eyes on a woman!?

“Lost control”? How old is this guy, exactly?

Um, are you a middle school student or something?

As embarrassing as this entire incident must be for Gili, we have to commend him for coming clean about it all. It’s unfortunate, sure, but in a way it’s quite endearing that he should become so caught up in the moment. And besides, Jimin Kim’s a good-looking girl, Gili; there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Source: コピペ情報曲局