korea pool

Whether it’s luxury hotel rooms or a seemingly ordinary computer mouse, it’s important to present whatever you’re selling online as attractively as possible. Advertisements must be concise and informative, and of course the product presented in as aesthetically pleasing a manner as possible. In the 21st century where digital air brushing is the norm and we have learned to filter the information we receive through an Internet-ready sieve of cynicism, advertisers have their work cut out for them, and without big budgets to transform ordinary snaps into tantalizing vistas, hoteliers and real estate agents must find other ways to make their resorts and accommodation look good.

The above image was spotted on a Korean real estate website by a Japanese Internet user. Advertised as a “stately residence complete with outdoor pool”, the fantastic wooden-framed structure and spacious pool look quite nice, don’t they? While it’s hardly Olympic size, we could certainly imagine ourselves doing a few lengths in that pool each morning before heading out to take care of business or ensure that our dozens of employees were working sufficiently hard.

There is, however, a little more to this image than meets the eye. Click the link to see the same pool photographed from a shall we say “less flattering” angle.

▼ Nice pool! I’d say 20 feet, maybe…

korea pool 2

Oh. That’s… Oh.

korea pool reality

We have to hand it to the photographer: they’ve got some serious skills! Having visited dozens of rental apartments here in Tokyo after viewing them online, this writer knows all to well the sting of discovering that the images shown online were evidently taken by a team of camera-savvy elves capable of flattening themselves paper-thin against walls in order to make rooms appear more spacious. But these images are something else entirely; could an adult male pull off even a single full stroke before crashing into the far end of this pool?

Japanese Netizens were quick to laugh at the images when they appeared online, with some calling foul play, but we have to at least give the real estate site in question credit for publishing images of the pool from various angles and not just the eye-pleasing wide-angle close up.

The Internet can be a confusing place sometimes, Rocketeers. Keep your wits about you!

Source: まとめたニュース