New Mona Lisa

Despite generations of art lovers remarking on her beauty, we had no idea until now that the subject of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting was such a cutie.

In an effort to treat the world-famous subject to a much-needed image change, a clever Internet user over in China took the interesting step of giving her an Asian college student-style haircut, instantly transforming her from smirking lady-in-waiting to smoking hottie.

Published by Chinese image site TT.Mop, the new-look Lisa has been wowing Internet users across Asia today who would have never dreamed that she could look so cool and dateable:


“We have a goddess among us!”

“What the- she’s gorgeous!”

“Now I can’t even remember what she’s supposed to look like!”

“Just goes to show- a decent haircut does a lot for a girl!”

We couldn’t agree more; with that haircut we could almost imagine her reading the evening news or presenting the weather here in Japan! It’s frightening to think just how many historical beauties we may have already overlooked due to their uninspired haircuts…

New Mona Lisa

Image: TT.Mop
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