fat hamster

It’s not just today’s kids who are feeling the effects of a high-calorie, low exercise lifestyle; some of our pets are getting a little wide around the waist, too. Shared by a Japanese Twitter user late last week, this photo shows a hamster that could do with spending a little more time on the running wheel as he can’t quite squeeze himself down his plastic slide. Cute/sad/funny photo after the break.

“My hamster’s so fat he can’t fit down his slide any more,” commented Twitter user @nichijo_pic.

fat master tweet

Understandably, the photo has already been shared thousands of times by pet lovers and LOL-hunters across the country.

“Ha ha ha man this is funny!”

“It’s like an adult trying to go down a kids’ slide!”

“Way too cute!”

We can’t help but agree; while we’d never condone over-feeding a pet for the purpose of making the world laugh, we have to admit that this is pretty funny.

▼”Um… A little help here?”

fat hamster revealed

We don’t know about you guys, but this photo has inspired up to pick up a hearty salad for lunch today. No more trips to KFC or mammoth cheeseburgers for us lest someone captures us on camera trying to squeeze into a narrow armchair in Starbucks and we find ourselves the butt of a joke on Twitter…

Source/Images via: 秒刊 Sunday