According to a Yahoo! Japan News report, a woman in Shenyang, China, is seriously ill after drinking detergent from a cup left on the counter, believing it to be cola.

The incident, which occurred on January 16, has left the as-yet unnamed woman with erosive gastritis and currently still receiving medical attention.

The woman’s boyfriend, identified by sources simply as “Mr. Liu”, is believed to have picked up the cup along with the hamburger he ordered from the counter and given it to his girlfriend. After drinking some of the soap-filled liquid, the women complained of a burning sensation in her throat and stomach pains. She was quickly taken to hospital where it became clear that she had ingested detergent.

Mr. Liu is believed to have later returned to the restaurant seeking answers. The member of staff responsible confirmed that they had – against store policy – left a detergent-filled cup on the counter.

No word yet as to why the woman didn’t immediately notice that she was drinking detergent rather than sweet, sugary coca-cola the moment it touched her lips.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News Title image