Death Totoro Edited

We all love Totoro, that huge cuddly bundle of fur, right? Well, maybe not this version of the lovable character  from the famous Studio Ghibli anime “My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari No Totoro)”. Yes, the dark side of the friendly forest spirit is revealed in this particular work of art we found on the internet. Take a look at the unedited photo if you dare…

Are you sure you want to see this? Okay, if you say so.

Death Totoro

Created by U.S. East Coast-based designer/sculptor/artist J★RYU, there’s nothing cute or cuddly about this piece of art made from resin. Don’t you just love the devil horns and creepy smiling teeth?

Internet users writing about this skele-Totoro have been quick to mention the long-standing urban legend among anime fans that Totoro is not a friendly spirit at all but actually a god or messenger of death. Well, some of the film’s content does seem to fit in with the idea that Totoro is an apparition that can only be seen by people who are already dead or close to death. But for those of you fans who are appalled by such an unsavory thought, not to worry, Studio Ghibli officially denied the theory some time ago.

Urban legends aside, the ghostly Totoro is quite neat once you get past the creepiness, isn’t it? And for those of you who are unfazed by a spooky version of the beloved character, you can go ahead and scare yourself by reading more about the myth of Totoro as the “Death God” here. But be forewarned, you may never view the cheerful anime the same way once you’ve read the story. Then again, as one Internet user commented, going on a ride on the catbus with Totoro can’t be the worst way to go if that indeed is the case.

Well, we still love our furry friend Totoro, regardless of any dark rumors, don’t we?

Source: Albatos via Kotaku (Japanaese Version) and Kotaku (English Version) 
J★RYU official website 

Photo: Albatos