February Fourteenth is a particularly special day in Japan. It’s a day when men and women, young and old deal with a very intimate subject.

Yes, it’s that special time of the year where the nation celebrates traditional thong underwear known as fundoshi. Rest assured, on this day there’s a whole lot going on to pay homage to that once valued strip of fabric.

Fundoshi Day originated from a pun on a reading of the date 2/14 in Japanese. It was created by the Japan Fundoshi Association whose mission is to propagate the use of fundoshi and save it from extinction. They have set a goal of “120 million fundoshists (people using fundoshi) by 2022.”

A fundoshi is a cloth which you wrap around your undercarriage and tie up at the sides. The rear part coils up and enters the butt crack like a thong.

Prior to World War II, the fundoshi was the premier choice for inguinal support and warmth. However, as a part of the rampant Westernization that occurred after the war, underwear choices quickly leaned towards briefs and trunks.

Our own RocketNews24 staff had a personal enlightenment with fundoshi last year when they participated in the Naked Festival – a 90-minute run through a lake and up a hill in sub-zero temperatures wearing nothing but a fundoshi.

The two men had discovered a bond and spirit like never before. Yoshio had described the encouraging feeling of tightening up his underwear much like a samurai would in olden times before a battle. Pulling up a pair of floppy boxers simply didn’t compare, even though they are much more convenient when it comes to using the toilet.

He had suggested hipping it up by calling it “fundoshiing” and marketing it as a way of making deep friendships or “fundomodachi.”

Together with his funtomo, Yoshio had even tried a trendy cross promotion by testing the connection speeds of iPhones with various mobile service providers at a frozen lake wearing fundoshi.

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The Japan Fundoshi Association has also been hard at work promoting the superior feel of fundoshi. On 31 January, they held the Second Annual Fundoshist Awards which are given to celebrities who embrace and promote fundoshi culture.

What’s special about the winners this year was the inclusion of two women. Women typically aren’t thought of in relation to fundoshi, however, NHK announcer Miki Sumiyoshi and model Mitsu Dan both received awards.

Ms. Sumiyoshi had received the coveted Grand Prize, whereas Ms. Dan had received considerable online attention for her fundoshi-clad appearance at her birthday party at Robot Restaurant. Here she is receiving her award.

In addition to showing that fundoshi can be hot, Mistu Dan also brought attention to the health benefits fundoshi can have for women.

According to Dr. Asako Yamada, Director of the Ivy Proctology Clinic, modern women’s underwear can be too constricting and impede circulation. Fundoshi’s adjustable tightness makes it a recommended choice for your health.

Finally, on 13 February planned Fundoshi Day events include various guest speakers and fundoshi related activities along with a secret guest in Odaiba, Tokyo. The event is also to showcase the brand new fundoshi app which lets you superimpose fundoshi onto whomever you choose.


So, this 14 February, enter a new under-pant experience by taking the time to go down to your local fundoshi dealer and picking some up. It’s not like anyone’s doing anything on that day anyway.

Source: Japan Fundoshi Association via Yahoo! R25 (Japanese)

Image: Wikipedia – Hayakawa Kyuukei
Funjoshi Camera App: iTunes