And we thought bread squishing was a peculiar way to get your rocks off.

Courtesy of nerd site Akiba Blog, the following images of “kaopan” (a combination of kao, meaning face, and pantsu, or panties) are from a book of the same name, which features – you guessed it – photos of girls with underwear draped over their faces.

It’s impractical, it’s bizarre, it’s almost certainly going to have your coworkers giving you nervous glances if they catch you looking at it.

The full series of NSFW images after the jump.

The photo book is believed to have come about after the appearance of underwear-faced “superhero” Hentai Kamen, or “pervert mask”, himself a parody of long-time Japanese classics like Kamen Rider, Ultraman and Power Rangers. Whether this is a fetish that has existed for some time or whether the movie has spurred it, however, on is anyone’s guess.

HK poster

Rather than simply appealing to consumers’ sense of humour, however, Kaopan offers page after page of shots of girls in school uniforms going about their day with a variety of underwear draped over their faces.

Here we see a pair of girls enjoying a little karaoke, though how the girl on the right is hoping to enjoy her drink we have no idea.

pantsface drinks

▼ Here a girl takes a dip, fully clothed and with essential underpants.

pantsface swimming

▼ We can only imagine how surreal this outdoor photo shoot was.

pantsface street

▼Studying math. “If X = 12 and Pants = 47, then WTF is going on?”

pantsface reading

▼ And in case all that was too subtle, out come the real underwear shots.

pantsface changing

▼Our karaoke-loving pair return. Pink panty face looks rather exasperated.




▼ The girls enjoy some physical education. With pants.


As peculiar as this entire series of photographs is, perhaps even more bizarre for this writer is the thought that someone out there was paid to plan and take these photos. And I thought I had an unusual job…

The Kaopan photo collection is currently available to buy on Amazon JP for 1,890 yen (US$20). Those less interested in girls wearing underwear on their faces, meanwhile, can check out the equally bizarre but infinitely less creepy cinematic trailer for forthcoming movie Hentai Kamen below.

Source / images: Akiba Blog