niconico welcome

In an effort to celebrate the fact that Friday has finally arrived all across the world, the staff here at RocketNews24 always aims to bring you a fun video or two to celebrate and start your weekend with. In the past we’ve brought you animé teenage angst and Street Fighter musicals to name but a few, but this week we thought we’d treat you to something just that little bit sexier, courtesy of our pals at Niconico.

Bikini bass guitar action? Step this way.

As ever with Niconico videos, you can toggle the scrolling comments on or off by clicking the 「・・・」 button, but for this video especially we highly recommend keeping them on. Enjoy!

Let’s see that again, shall we?

▼ A masked young lady sits on a bed. The crowd is already hot with anticipation.

niconico hey

▼ She disappears off camera. A t-shirt, panties and bra zip by our screens.

niconico bra

▼ She’s back! With a Totoro stuffed down her panties! But something’s not quite right…

niconico play for me

▼ Gah!!!! My Eyes!

Niconico I know it

▼ Our beautiful bassist was a man all along!!

Niconico yes definitely  dude

OK, now that’s a woman, agreed!?

Niconico there she is!!!

▼ We feel so betrayed…

niconico betrayed

Now go and rinse your eyes out and start enjoying your weekend. See you next week, guys!

Head over to Niconico for more weird and wacky video creations and to join in the real-time scrolling comments mayhem.