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Seeing these animals is like looking into a dream! Horned wolves, fire tail foxes and butterfly felines seemingly brought to life thanks to the creative work of American artist, Wood-Splitter-Lee.

Although Wood-Splitter-Lee’s animals are covered in vivid blue and fiery red fur, the anatomy and expressions of her fantastic sculpture creations are so convincing, you’d think they are alive. Each piece is completely handmade; no molds, casts, or patterns are used. The limbs of some of Wood-Splitter-Lee’s sculptures are even moveable and can be posed. There are occasional chances to purchase these the sculptures on eBay, but unfortunately, none of them are for sale at the moment.

Wood-Splitter-Lee, a “self taught sculptor,” has managed to bring animals straight from her wildest imagination into the real world. For those who can’t get enough of these extraordinary creatures, check out Wood-Splitter-Lee’s official online art gallery. Here’s a taste of what you will find:

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▼    Wood-Splitter-Lee hard at work.

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