The carving above was made by microartist Yukari Ehara, as you may have noticed, on the tip of a green pencil crayon measuring 1.5mm in height.

This is nothing new for Ehara who works primarily in the 1cm to 0.1mm size range. Up until only recently she accomplished this and the other works seen below without the aid of a magnifying glass or microscope .

In addition to her pencil tip carvings let’s take a look at her miniature origami and paintings on single grains of rice and penny sized canvases.

First here are some of Yukari Ehara’s carvings which can be seen on her blog.

6mm Maneki Neko

3mm Coffee Cup

Some flowers which Ehara says takes about 30 minutes to complete
This 2.5mm by 1mm strawberry shortcake took about 3 hours to do.

Ehara also does micro painting on what has to be the cutest little canvases ever.

These small-scale works lend themselves nicely to unique handmade jewelry.

Going even smaller are her rice drawings which can also be made into jewelry.

She makes these rice drawings with her stockpile of tiny pencils.  Here they are compared to regular pencils and pins.

Going even smaller is Ehara’s origami. Unfortunately they’re so small the camera doesn’t really pick them up.

Yukari Ehara combined all of her talents into one work and entered it in the Ouchi Gallery 7th 100 Artists Exhibition where it earned first place. Including origami, rice art, and carvings the entire work measures 33cm by 33cm and each inner frame measures 4.8cm by 4.8 cm.

There’s also a miniature hanafuda deck of cards. Hers are seen below a regular deck in this picture.

Finally, we’ll leave you with arguably Yukari Ehara’s coolest work: a pencil with a hand carved in it holding an even smaller (working) pencil.

This talented artist has a lot more to offer on her blog and hopefully has much more lined up for the future.

Source: Microart – The World’s Smallest via Kotaro 269 (Japanese)

Yukari Ehara