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We’ve talked a lot about the Japanese adult video industry here at RocketNews24. As one of the world’s most lucrative adult industries, thousands of women pick up the latex gauntlet every single year in the hope of finding a life of glamour and fame, only for most to vanish into obscurity within their first 12 months in the business or discover that life on the other side of the lens is not quite what it seemed. But with more than 15 years and 1,000 adult movies under her garter belt, Tokyo-born porn star Yumi Kazama’s feisty antics are still somehow managing to set pulses racing across the country.

In an interview with Nikkan Spa! in order to promote her saucy new photo collection, the 33-year-old actress discusses how she first made it into the industry, the type of work she does and how she unintentionally became one of Japan’s most loved mature hotties.

The interview and NSFW images after the break.

Released at the end of January this year, Kazama’s photo album “Bittersweet” features a host of erotic images the like which we’re sure many of us have seen before. The star, however, maintains that this is more than just a regular collection of cheeky (pun very much intended) photos and that she had a lot of input and control during its production.

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“For the album, I picked out all of my own clothes – underwear included – and I even did my own makeup. I want to bring fans closer and allow them to see every side of me,” says Kazama explaining the release of the new photo book. Taking a quick look at some of the images released to the press, it soon becomes apparent that, while typically sexy, the album shuns brightly lit studios for simpler “at home” and outdoor shots.

Asked about her early days in the industry and how she responds to the label of “jukujo” (attractive mature lady) actress, Kazama states that it was an entirely natural process and not something that she originally aspired to.

“It’s not that I started off thinking ‘I want to make it as a MILF in the adult movie business!’ Ha ha. When I was around 25 years old and working in the AV industry, the ‘nature’ and ‘wives’ genres were really taking off. While playing the roles of men’s wives in these movies, I just sort of naturally ‘ripened’ during that period in my life; the role is a part of who I am. I was never one of those highly strung young girls to begin with anyway.”

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On starting in the industry

“I first got into the porn industry a year after I graduated from high school when I was 18. I went to an all-girls school and was just a regular, sensible student; I didn’t joke around much and my parents were on the strict side. After graduating, I started attending a technical college, and it was there that I met some really cool, fashionable girls- the kind of girls who are into things like DJ-ing at clubs. I soon started hanging out with them; it was probably in part to rebel against my parents. Anyway, I got hit on a lot during those days, which was totally new for me, and I found myself partying a lot. I guess I was just letting my hair down and a little curious. It was more about quantity over quality, though- I wasn’t really interested in things like love and romance, I just wanted to try it with a lot of guys. So when I was spotted by a scout, I kind of entered the industry with that same curious, playful feeling. I don’t think I ever felt reluctant about it all- I don’t really remember! Ha ha!”

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On doing it all

Having played practically every kind of role imaginable in the adult video industry, one might expect Kazama to be something of an extrovert even in her private life. When quizzed by Spa! however, the actress maintains that she is essentially just a down-to-earth girl who, despite having played both passive and dominant roles, really doesn’t think of herself as all that glamorous.

“Of course it can be hard, but it’s still a lot of fun. I feel like if I don’t try a lot of different genres then it might start to get a little dull. Honestly, I’m a pretty simple person: I don’t really do extravagant and flashy, but by immersing myself in roles like these I get to completely remake myself. It’s honestly a lot of fun.”

Hmm. We hear you, Yumi, but with 1,000 sex tapes to your name we can’t help but think than maybe you might be a little more outgoing that the average gal…

“Bittersweet” is available now from Amazon JP priced 3,360 yen/US$35. 

Source/images: 日刊 SPA!

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▼ We can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve forgotten to put some pants on while washing up, either…

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