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Perhaps wanting to go one up on the kid who was caught dropping a chop on a train last year, a parent on board a passenger plane in China this month has been photographed allowing her child to squat down and defecate in the aisle of a plane full of (hopefully horrified) passengers.

And we thought kids kicking the back of your seat was reason to complain.

According to Yahoo! Japan News, the incident occurred on February 16, just as the Chinese New Year came to an end and trains, buses and planes became packed with travelers returning home having spent the season with their families.

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Uploading the grainy images to China’s own version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, a Chinese Internet user commented that the child – believed to be the figure in green – crouched down in the aisle of the plane while his mother calmly looked on. The boy having completed his dirty business, the mother then kindly wiped his backside and helped tidy him up. There were reportedly three toilets located on the aircraft.

As so begins the devolution of man.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News

Image via フェンリル