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There was a time when Japanese electronics were the most sought after on the market and considered to be the finest in the world. Japan still produces great electrical goods, but with increasingly high-quality – yet far more affordable – products available from companies like LG and Samsung, neighbouring Korea has steadily risen to the top.

Unpacking and switching on their new 32-inch LG television set for the first time, however, this Chinese Netizen had a bit of a surprise. Despite being clearly labelled as an LG model, once switched on the TV proudly displayed Sony’s famous logo for all to see. 

First spotted online earlier this week, this image clearly displays what appears to be an LG TV set displaying another company’s logo on-screen. Whether this is the result of a production line error or simply some shoddy counterfeiting is still not clear, but we’re fairly sure that neither Sony nor LG will be particularly amused.

my Sony LG see

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Internet users across Asia were understandably amused by the photo, but some are even suggesting that the buyer has actually bagged themselves quite a bargain since Sony TVs are considered to be better made and are more expensive that their Korean rivals.

“Haha this is so cool!”

“I can see this catching on…”

“Awesome collaboration!”

“Hey, if the insides are Sony then that’s not a bad deal!”

“So… is this a loss or a gain?”

“A Sony TV for an LG Price? Cash-back!”

“Lucky, lucky, lucky!”

Naturally, there are already numerous theories circulating the pages of the Internet as to how this situation could possibly have come about: it’s a simple knock-off; it’s an old Sony whose frame was broken and replaced with an LG one; it’s the love child of the two and we should all be glad that they’re getting along… We don’t know about you good people, but we’re leaning ever so slightly towards the first hypothesis.
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