Well hel-lo there! I guess it must be Friday!

Once again, courtesy of our friends at Niconico, we have a very special video for you today to help usher in the weekend and put a big smile on your faces. So how does a gorgeous girl in cat ears doing a cute dance sound? Good, right? Come on- this is RocketNews24; it couldn’t really be that straightforward, could it?

Rather than spoil the surprise, we’ll let you get straight into the video. It’s not exactly NSFW, but if might be better to watch it when no one’s around…

Presenting: “My Older Sister Danced to ‘Nyanyanyanyanyanya!'”

Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

▼What starts off cuter than cotton candy…

what starts as this

▼Suddenly becomes this monstrosity.

turns into this

▼And then only gets worse…

and then this

This video comes from a series of clips from Niconico user Furo Ane (or “bath big sister”) that have come to be known simply as “zannen na bijin” or “a bad luck/unfortunate beauty” by Japanese viewers on account of their merciless teasing and profoundly unsexy content despite the cute star.

While Niconico’s English users could only manage a few ‘WTF’s and ‘LOL’s, Japanese users were a little more descriptive in their responses to the video:

– “I could watch the first seven seconds forever.”

– “Oh my stomach hurts from laughing.”

– “Snot just came out of my nose…”

We’re not sure that we’re entirely on board with this mixture of sexy moé and extreme disappointment and disgust, but it certainly is entertaining. We’ll leave you now with a couple more videos from the same user. Rest assured that both are equally nonsensical and detract from this pretty girl’s looks in some way or other. Enjoy!

Source: 風呂姉

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