solar paper

Next stop, paper passenger planes!

In a news story over at Gizmodo Japan, the creative problem solvers at Osaka University announced that they have engineered a new type of “paper” that can actually generate and store energy from sunlight.

Despite being huge tech nerds and normally spending most of our day plugged in to some device or other, we at RocketNews24 are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and give the Earth a break. When electronics giant Sharp announced its semi-transparent solar panels that could one day turn our windows into sun-absorbing energy farms, we were genuinely excited, but this news from Osaka University blew our minds.

The first of its kind, this “solar energy producing paper” is a transparent material made from pulp fibres and silver “nano wires” and invisible conductors that thread through its surface, the tiny solar panel is reported to be strong and flexible as well as managing to be one of the most efficient solar energy-based energy producers to date. And since it’s made from natural materials, when it comes to the end of its life the paper can be safely and easily disposed of.

The revolutionary power source is currently scheduled to go into full production for practical use within the next three years.

We always knew that trees were vital for the survival of our planet, but we had no idea that they could one day be helping us produce safe, clean energy.

Source: Gizomodo Japan

Title image via Finance Green Watch