china marathon 8

On 24 Feb. at Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park, the second Underwear Jogging Tournament invited runners from around the country to strip down and be at one with nature while burning a few calories.

Judging from these photos, it was quite a sight.

The event saw as many as 300 runners derobe and power through the park, some carrying banners and with messages written on their torsos. Whether the city’s recent spell of horrendously polluted air detracted from the event’s theme of enjoying nature while celebrating good health, we’re not sure, but it certainly looks like the participants had a great time  despite the cold winter weather. Check out these cheeky chappies:

china marathon 11

▼The runners limber up.

china marathon 10

china marathon 5

▼With no real hurdles to overcome, some men improvised.

china marathon 8

▼Do you think he chose those pants especially for the day?

china marathon 9

▼This man appears to be wearing two sets of underwear.

china marathon 7

▼Knee pads. Very sensible

china marathon 6

▼ That’s gotta start chafing after a few kilometres…

china marathon 4

▼ Even cyberpunk vikings joined the fun!

china marathon 3 china marathon 2

▼ Some of the more serious runners.

china marathon 1

Keep up the good work, boys and girls! If only we had a similar event here in Tokyo; we’re sure these rambunctious stallions would be more than up for it.

Source: Xinhua