China’s Internet indignation was recently set off yet again by images portraying a “dirty panda.” The panda which was photographed relaxing in its enclosure seems to have taken upon a yellowish hue.

Since then there have been scores of netizens throwing accusations of abuse at the zoo in Nanchang over what is normally the cutest and most beloved member of the bear family.

Pandas are typically loved by people for their starkly contrasting white and black fur. However, this panda was described as “apparently unwashed for quite some time,” and, “in the condition of a dirty beggar.”

A microblogger posting photos of the bear wrote; “It was eating bamboo in a place where it peed. Everyone who came to see it was disappointed. This is a national treasure and should be treated as such.”

Some accused the zoo of not feeding it enough or mistreating it.

The zoo responded by pointing out some facts about giant pandas. First, they explained how pandas – like any animal – don’t always have the exact same crisp shades of black and white fur they are usually known for. On top of that, in the case of this particular panda, “as it becomes an adult it is getting more aggressive.”  Keepers are not allowed to enter the enclosure for their own safety, and while they understand the “dirty” comments made by others, the bear will probably start cleaning itself more as the temperature gets warmer.

The zoo also insists that the panda is being well fed and taken care of.

Personally, I’m more appalled at so much panda discrimination going on around the Internet. I think all pandas should be treated equally regardless of their color or lifestyle choices. So, this panda shouldn’t be called “wrong” or “sad” just because its chooses to be yellow and smelly!

*pauses for applause*

Thank you.

Source: JXCN (Chinese) via Record China (Japanese)