Taiwan Train

In Japan, there’s the Pokémon airplane covered in images of Pikachu and Pokéballs, as well as the Hello Kitty airplane with, you guessed it, images of Hello Kitty. Now Taiwan is getting on board with cutesy transportation with their updated dining cars featuring Moe girl characters.

More itasha than public transportation, it’s hoped that these dining cars (nicknamed “Miss Taiwan Railway”) will promote tourism in Taiwan. The moe girls are already a hit on the Internet in Japan and many people have commented that they want to visit Taiwan to ride the updated trains. The Japan Railway Federation has also announced their acquisition of a license to manufacture and distribute Miss Taiwan Railway goods in Japan.

Here is a collection of the moe girls you can see on the trains. They even have names, fake birthdays, and fake blood types.

Taiwan Train2

Taiwan Train3 Taiwan Train4 Taiwan Train5

▼  Other goods such as stickers and mugs were created to promote the new dining cars.

Taiwan Train6 Taiwan Train7 Taiwan Train8 Taiwan Train9 Taiwan Train10 Taiwan Train11 Taiwan Train12 Taiwan Train13 Taiwan Train15 Taiwan Train16 Taiwan Train17 Taiwan Train18

Source: LiveDoor (Japanese)