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Along with some of the most worrying and bizarre images we’ve seen this week so far, rumour has begun circulating online that the grass is some parts of China is being sprayed with green dye to make it appear more lush and verdant.

Teams of workers armed with long hoses and spray guns have been spotted along the roadsides in many parts of Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Sichuan Province, spraying what appears to be some kind of green dye onto the grass.

Asked to clarify the situation and whether the substance being used was potentially harmful to the environment, a representative from a rural construction bureau said that the substance was merely a “green fertilizer” that helps the grass look its best.

▼ Mother Nature cruises by.

china spray grass

The story first came to light when local residents noticed the teams of sprayers on their trucks, cruising along targeting anything that ought to be green with their spray guns. Although fertilizing agents of this kind do exist, many residents of the city were quick to point out that their clothes and shoes, as well as other parts of the city, were being stained green by the the spray.

▼ Are manholes green in the wild?

china grass manhole

▼ Good for camouflage, not so great for style.

china spray grass shoes

In the run up to a number of global business meetings due to be hosted in Chengdu later this year, the city’s officials are reportedly going to extreme lengths to shine. Rather than being a mere fertilizer, the liquid being sprayed onto the city’s (apparently not green enough) greenery reportedly goes by the name of “Top Green Turfing Agent”, intended, as you might expect, to simply make those blades of grass shine bright, regardless of their actual health. The dye is believed to be non-toxic and will wash away after around 14 weeks, but will also colour the soil beneath the grass and shrubbery that have been treated with it.

There’s no word yet as to whether clouds above the city will be given a coat of blue in order to make the skies appear clearer…

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Map image courtesy of Google Maps

▼ Chengdu is situated in China’s Sichuan Province