paperboy woosh

Delivering flyers, brochures and leaflets in winter is no fun. It’s cold, windy, you get barked at or chased by dogs and the pay is bad. If only there were a way to cruise by, fling your wares and be off in the blink of an eye, safe in the knowledge that they won’t blow away or sit on the ground waiting to be stepped on or soaked through by the rain and snow…

Emerging on YouTube late last week, this short video shows a delivery guy doing his stuff in style. Pay close attention, now; blink and you’ll miss it!

Let’s see that again, shall we?

▼ Here he comes…

paperboy here he comes

▼ There’s the pitch…

paperboy woosh

▼ Thunk! That thing’s going nowhere.

paperboy thunk

Magnets? Ectoplasmic goo? A hearty breakfast and the will to succeed!? However he’s pulling this off, we’re impressed. Finally, our old-school paperboy dreams come true.

Source: IT Media (Japanese) Video via ootdong