miku bike title

Just minutes after reporting that Domino’s Pizza Japan had teamed up with blue haired pop star Hatsune Miku, we have received word that the fast food company is also producing a line of Miku-themed delivery bikes, or “itabaiku“, to mark the occasion.

Taking to the streets of Tokyo all through the campaign, these brightly-coloured three wheelers will be used to deliver piping hot pies to all of Domino’s customers.

Itabaiku — coming from the combination of itai (painful) and baiku (bike) — is a subgenre of itasha, cars decorated with animé or video game character designs to the point that they’re painful for anyone other than diehard fans to look at. While we knew that Domino’s Pizza was launching an all-out offensive to become top dog in the Japanese pizza delivery business, we had no idea they’d embrace the otaku culture quite to this extent.

Take a look at this thing. It’s three wheels of pure digi-pop pizza delivering madness:

▼ Front


▼ Left side

mikubaiku side

▼ Right

mikubaiku side 2

▼ Every inch as Miku as can be.

mikubaiku back

Imagine being the college student who has to drive one of these things through the rough part of town. What am I saying? Even in downtown Tokyo this thing would probably get a round of applause from the tough-looking guys hanging around pachinko parlours.

Now if only Domino’s had a Hatsune Miku-themed itaheli to fly over the city dropping pamphlets and pumping out homemade Vocaloid tracks they’d be unstoppable…

Source: ハムスター速報 /Domino’s JP