Houses in Hong Kong4

Sometimes, we all forget to be grateful for what we have. We complain that our iPhone doesn’t have fast enough service or our house is too small and we wish we could buy a bigger one. However, seeing pictures of those who don’t even have a fraction of the luxuries we enjoy is very humbling.

German photographer Michael Wolf gives the world an inside look at the cramped conditions of low-income apartments in Hong Kong. Seeing these overhead views of identical 10’ x 10’ rooms makes this reporter thankful to just have a toilet that isn’t in the living room.

With 6,480 people packed into every square kilometer, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world. To put this number into perspective, Tokyo has a population density of 6,000 people per km2, London is at 1,570 people per km2, and Los Angeles is at 3,124 people per km2.

To make living even more crowded, only 6.8 percent of land in Hong Kong is used for housing, giving rise to behemoth apartment structures.

Houses in Hong Kong9

Let’s take a look inside the 10×10 foot apartments:

Houses in Hong Kong

Houses in Hong Kong2

Houses in Hong Kong3

Houses in Hong Kong4

Houses in Hong Kong5

Houses in Hong Kong6

Houses in Hong Kong7

Houses in Hong Kong8

Houses in Hong Kong11

Houses in Hong Kong12

Houses in Hong Kong13

Houses in Hong Kong14

Houses in Hong Kong15

Houses in Hong Kong16

Houses in Hong Kong17

Houses in Hong Kong18

Houses in Hong Kong19

Houses in Hong Kong20

Houses in Hong Kong21  They look so happy.

Houses in Hong Kong22That TV looks like it’s going to fall…

Houses in Hong Kong23Toilet and shower located in the corner of the room.

Houses in Hong Kong24▲  Notice the bathroom under the bed.

Wolf had this to say about his photography:

“If you’re standing inside a room which is exactly the same size as the room you’re looking at, then you realize how small that space actually is. And then you realize that people have been living there for 40 years. And then you realize that they are happy! That something like that can be, I think that’s the amazing thing. That people can be happy that they have 100 square feet to live in and nice neighbors. That’s basically all you need.”

Source: Vippers (Japanese)