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Regular readers will no doubt recall our coverage last year of the mysterious Cornman, a well dressed gentleman spotted in the Tokyo area, pulling an ear of corn behind him on a dog leash. Despite being snapped numerous times and receiving a tremendous amount of attention online, his true identity remains unknown even to this day.

At the start of this week, however, new reports of sightings of Cornman began to appear on Twitter, and there was something altogether different about him: rather than pulling along his usual corn husk, he appears to have moved on to a large daikon radish instead. As surprising as this was, few of us were prepared for the explosion of Daikornman (as we’ve re-christened him on account of his new choice of vegetable) sightings that occurred in the following days…

daikon man escallator

“The guy in front of me on the escalator has a daikon on a lead. WTF?”

One of the first reported sightings came from a Twitter user who posted an image of a man in black accompanied by a large white radish. The vegetable was indeed different, but everything else about the man simply screamed “Cornman”. The colour of the outfit, the posh hat (on this occasion a silk top hat), the leather leash secured to the large, fresh-looking vegetable; it certainly seemed like his style. More and more reports began to roll in throughout the day, with even previously skeptical Twitter users like @zawazawako not being able to believe their luck when spotting the living legend:

“I’ve just seen a man wearing black at Kichijoji Station pulling a radish along like a dog on a lead. When my sister and niece told me about this guy, I didn’t believe them, so I checked on Twitter and a ton of people claim to have seen the same thing. I can finally believe!”

Throughout the day yesterday, Daikornman was sighted all over Tokyo, seemingly hopping on and off trains and changing lines regularly, sighted at Kokubunji, Kichijoji, Shibuya and Ikebukuro stations among others. Despite a significant dip in activity during the middle of the day (was Daikornman at work?), the figure even showed up in the northernmost reaches of Tokyo, at Akabane and Kawaguchi Stations, later yesterday evening.

Perhaps it was the multiple cups of coffee we’d had after lunch, or perhaps it was the influence of having watched too many police dramas and old episodes of CSI and 24 recently, but after reading tweets from the various people who had sighted Daikornman, we suddenly found ourselves trawling through all of the available data attempting to track this vegetable-loving gentleman as he moved around the city.

Daikornman Sightings, March 11-13, 2013

  • Monday, 11 March, 17:50. Twitter user @ayatori49 breaks the news that “I’ve just seen a well dressed man pulling a daikon along behind him at Haijima (station).” With the station being around 50 minutes west of Shinjuku and with comparatively little to see or do in the area, Daikornman was likely simply passing through the station rather than conducting business here.

Hajima sighting

  • Tuesday, 12 March. Multiple sightings. Twitter user @KIEEEEEEN, confirms seeing the same man “this morning” at Kichijoji Station, again on the JR Chuo line. Curious…

this morning at kichijoji

  • Further images appear alongside tweets stamped 17:56 on the same date. These are rumoured to have been taken at either Tachikawa station in West Tokyo or, more likely, Kokubunji Station.

cornman kokubunji or tachikawa

  • At 18:36, a photograph appeared online of Daikornman in a shopping district in Kichijoji. The image shows him near a well known lottery ticket counter, but it is also worth noting that he is heading in the opposite direction to the station. He may have doubled back afterwards, but we must not ignore this vital piece of evidence.

daikon man kichijoji

  • At 18:55, a Twitter user claimed to have seen the man once again at Kichijoji Station. This was confirmed at 19:08 with photographic evidence. Our own agents have been able to verify that this is, indeed, Kichijoji station, which is currently undergoing construction at various locations.

daikon man 2

  • Another sighting at 20:27. Location unconfirmed.

daikon man buying a ticket

  • Wednesday, March 13. Daikornman sighted at 09:01. Although we cannot be sure of the exact geographical location, judging from the ambient lighting in the shot, we believe this photo to have been taken at or around the same time as the tweet itself.

daikon man platform 2

  • At 09:27 a sighting in Akabane Station, which is situated north of central Tokyo on the way towards Saitama Prefecture.


  • After midday yesterday, new Daikornman reports slowly decrease in number. The Internet remains abuzz with the recent news, but there are no leads as to his current whereabouts nor the direction he may have headed. Either way, if the tweets are to believed, the man did a heck of a lot of travelling in just a couple of days.

cornman route

What could all of this mean? Could Daikornman be trying to tell us something? Does the fact that not a single shot of the man’s face exist suggest that this is all some elaborate hoax? Moreover, how can we be certain that the dozens of Twitter users supplying us with information are not, in fact, in league with the vegetable crusader? Only time will tell.

Whoever you are Daikornman, we like your style!

Source/images via: Matome Naver

Map image via Google Maps edited by RocketNews24