Tapping into Japan’s new-found love of Oreo cookies, McDonald’s Japan announced yesterday that for a limited time only it will be adding a maccha and Oreo-flavoured McFlurry dessert as well as a maccha milkshake to its seemingly ever-growing menu.

The Japanese-style shake will be available in small and medium sizes for 120 and 190 yen (US$1.25 and $1.97), respectively. The tantalising ice cream cup, meanwhile, will cost 230 yen ($2.40) and comes in one size only.

Both of the seasonal products will be available from 22 March until the middle of May this year. You can rest assured that as soon as we have chance, we’ll be sending one of our reporters down to the golden arches to grab a few and put them through our strict taste test. We can’t wait.


Source: Narinari (Japanese)