nyotaimori title

As we’ve reported in the past here on RocketNews24, the practice of eating food off a woman’s body, known as nyotaimori, is in fact little more than an urban myth popularized by movies, books and, perhaps, the desires of those to whom the idea appeals. Even so, tales of the alternative dining experience have been told to frequently over the years that it has gradually become a reality, with some Japanophiles and people who are a little on the kinky side going out of their way to recreate it, tucking in to all manner of sushi and sashimi (slices of raw fish or meat, minus the rice) directly from the body of a pretty girl.

Chinese model Liu You Qi, however, has taken a slightly different approach to the idea of decorating one’s body with slithers of fish. In a series of photos that have caught the attention of Asian Internet users this week, the model can be seen lounging around on crisp white cotton sheets with little more than a couple of stips of salmon strategically placed over her private parts, like a skimpier, seafood version of the meat dress Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV video music awards…

As you might expect, the images of the 20-year-old model are causing quite a stir online, with many Japanese, it seems, rather taken with the girl’s fishy antics:

– I want to become a piece of sashimi!!!

– Um, can I eat that, please?

– Sashimi really ought to be cut slightly thinner…

Not everyone was quite so blown away, though. Many felt that, as well as it being a waste of perfectly good food, the images fall just short of being indecent and are taking things a bit too far. What do you think, Rocketeers? Are these photos downright sexy or simply stinky?

▼ Pardon me, but you appear to have some fish in your eye.

nyotaimori eye

▼ Here’s You Qi modelling her sashimi bra…

nyotaimori title

▼ Something else catches her eye. Perhaps a struggling tuna.

nyotaimori huh

▼ We honestly don’t recommend eating raw fish that’s been left out for a long time…

nyotaimori chomp

▼ Or teasing it.

nyotaimori nameru

nyotaimori who does this

nyotaimori careful now

▼ The model eventually finds her underpants, but can’t bear to part with her orange pals.

nyotaimori bottom

I suppose these images are pretty sexy, but can you imagine being the poor salmon that ended up draped over some girl’s breasts for the purposes of a photo shoot? You probably couldn’t feel more owned by another species if you tried. Maybe next time You Qi-chan could lay strips of unfeeling tofu on her skin instead of the flesh of an animal. Actually, perhaps we’d better not give her any ideas…

We’ll leave you now with a few shots taken from the model’s other cosplay shoots. Rest assured that fish makes an appearance here, too, somewhere along the line.

cosplay bikini cosplay huh cosplay cards cosplay girlscosplay fish

Bizarre. Simply bizarre.
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