It’s a good day to be a fast food fan in Japan! As well as announcing its maccha-flavoured milkshake and maccha and oreo cookie mix ice cream, McDonald’s Japan has announced that its incredibly popular teriyaki and egg, or “Teritama“, burger will be returning to restaurants later this month.

The name may not make it sound especially appetizing, but with that sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce and thick slice of (sort of real) egg, this is one burger definitely worth trying if you’re in Japan any time during the next month.

Starting on March 22, both the Teritama burger and the cheeseburger equivalent, the Chiizu Teritama, will be on the menu until the end of April.

The burgers have been frequent seasonal visitors at the popular fast food chain for years now, with many diners genuinely looking forward to and hoping for their return each spring. Featuring a thick pork patty, crisp lettuce and a sweet lemon dressing as well as the egg and teriyaki sauce, the burger is a refreshing alternative to those on the standard menu.

The teritama burger will go on sale for 300-340 yen (US$3.10-3.50) as a standalone item, or 610-660 yen when bought as a meal. Its cheesy brethren, meanwhile, will set you back around extra 30 yen.

Source: Narinari (Japanese)