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If you’re one of those people who just can’t get enough of popping bubble wrap, you may want to steers clear of this iPhone 5 case from Japanese mobile phone accessory experts Strapya. As well as keeping your smart phone safe from everyday bumps and scratches, it also provides the user with row after row of never-ending bubbles to be “popped”.

Devices known simply as “puchi puchi” (the sound of bubble being popped; didn’t we tell you that the Japanese are the kings of onomatopoeia?) have been around for years in Japan, with everything from key rings to mobile phone straps available with buttons that simulate the sensation of popping everyone’s favourite protective packaging. While they’re not quite as satisfying as the genuine article, puchi puchi toys are nevertheless thoroughly addictive and it’s easy to lose track of time sitting there pushing the buttons, listening to that wonderful popping sound.

But who needs key rings when you can turn your entire iPhone into a mobile bubble popper? Retailing at 2,100 yen (US$21), the case slips snugly around your phone just like any other protective case, while its entire underside is covered with soft “bubbles” just screaming out to be popped. Better yet, each bubble can be pressed an almost infinite number of times.

▼ Come on, look at this and tell me you don’t want to touch it.

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puchipuchi in use

Of course, not everyone enjoys bubble wrap quite as much as the young man in this promotional video for the product. Although it’s great to see someone getting so much pleasure out of a simple iPhone case, we can honestly say that we’d rather not have to sit opposite him on a train while he’s playing with it.

The case is made up of four layers, including a soft and squidgy bubble layer, underlying push buttons, and a “sound layer” that emits that tiny “pop” each time you sadistically take the life of a helpless bubble. You monster.

puchipuchi science bit

The quirky case is available to buy now from Strapya.

Source: Gigazine (Japanese)

Video via YouTube Strapya