The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are joining forces on the Global Precipitation Measurement Project (GPM Project).

Now that all the abbreviations are out of the way, the two space agencies are holding a manga character contest to find some 2-D spokespeople (or spokesthings) to represent this project in promotional and educational materials.

The GPM Project’s aim is to utilize satellite technology for the purpose of high accuracy measurement of the global precipitation conditions. This data could have several applications such as monitoring aquifers to aid in drought management.

Hey! Wake up!

As you can see, NASA and JAXA need some help making this project more appealing to the masses and they’re doing it by throwing some manga/animé style into the works.

So if you think you have some artistic talent the world deserves to see, you can submit entries by email until 30 April. Entries can be submitted through the NASA GPM page.

Entries will be divided into three classes based on age: 13-15; 16-18; and over 19. The first place winner in each class will have his or her character representing the GPM project in all of its promotional and educational materials.

And that’s not all. The grand-prize winners will also be bestowed with gifts of GPM stickers, buttons, poster, lithographs, and pamphlets. Runners-up may also get their works displayed on the GPM website.

The winning characters will be selected on originality, uniqueness, and how appropriately they represent the GPM Project, so they encourage entrants to read up on the project to get a sense of it.

For me, though, there’s only one character who encompasses the essence of satellite based rainfall analysis: Slime Sato.

Source: GPM via IT Media (Japanese)
NASA Contest Entry Website: English, Japanese