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The old wisdom that going without a bra too often would cause a woman’s bazongas to stretch out and droop like a pair of baseballs in training socks is going out the window thanks to a series of recent reports to the contrary, and Japanese women are apparently responding by going out in public unsupported in record numbers.

Japanese website Matome Naver has compiled highlights from the reports into an at-a-glance list convenient for those of us who want to stay informed but have too much other Internet to look at to read actual news stories:

“Women going without a bra everywhere but the most formal business occasions are on the rise.” – MSN Topics

“A new Wacoal survey shows that 1 in 4 Japanese women are comfortable leaving the house with no bra on.” – B! Ranger

“Wearing a bra is not necessary to prevent droopage for anyone under a G Cup (Japan size) unless engaging in sports activities.” –


Other reports are showing that going without a bra can actually produce positive effects, including actually increasing bust size – news that is sure to please men almost as much as women.

“Women who spent one year without wearing a bra in a recent study experienced slight breast growth and an overall ‘lifting up’ effect of the bust.” – Gow! Magazine

“Wearing a bra for longer than 12 hours per day increases breast cancer risk 21 times, according to study results.” – Omoroid blog

“According to data, women that went without undergarments report feeling less stress, have overall lower BMIs, and improved skin condition.” – Biyou Blog Hitomi

That last one seems a little too good to be true, and reminds us of something a high school boy might tell his girlfriend after prom to convince her to engage in certain, um… untoward pornographic acts (“Come on, it’s good for your skin!”).

In light of this news, we’re sure breast lovers all over Japan are going to be packing binoculars this summer to kill time on lunch break.

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)

Top image: Foursquare edited by RocketNews24, Inset image: The Frisky