Recently around the world and in Japan there has been a sudden upswing in the number of people wearing underwear (namely panties or briefs) over their heads.

A photography book full of images of girls doing everyday things with panties over their faces was recently published.  This was only a few months prior to the release of the live-action adaptation of Hentai Kamen (Pervert Mask) manga which chronicles the adventures of a panty-mask wearing hero. Where is all this coming from?

RocketNews24 columnist GO has, much like John Howard Griffin before him, tried to enter deep into the mind of a panty-head-wearer by transforming himself into one.  Here’s what he discovered.

Pantied Like Me

Every once in a while you see a robber wearing panties in those “stupid criminal” shows. It’s understandable they want to conceal their identity, and Hentai Kamen is a super hero; they always need a mask and a gimmick. However, at this very moment somewhere on the planet several people are wearing panties on their heads as a hobby. Why?

As I ponder these things, I slip a pair of underwear over my own face so I can see what these peculiar people see and feel what they feel.

The Inescapable Steel Cage Deathmatch

The first thing that hit me was the smell.  The pair I wore were new but I could only image what wearing used pants would be like.

The tip of your nose hits right at the area scientists refer to as the “stinky taint sector.” This would be the place where all the body’s secretions gather from gravity to make a foul concoction of odors.

Wearing used pants like this the wearer would be locked in an inescapable death match with odor. Perhaps it’s like an aromatic test of will, like poking your own bruise just to see how much you can tolerate.

The Feeling of Crossing the Line

After that, I was struck with the sensation of being another person. It’s like an alter ego had awakened inside of me, an exciting and daring character. This must be how wrestlers like Councilman Skull Reaper feel.

On the other hand, this thrill is sobered by a pang of guilt, an inherent knowing that I crossed some line of society that people should cross. These feelings are conflicting yet somewhat exhilarating.

Function Over Form

As far as masks go, panties work surprisingly well! While my nose is firmly locked in its own “steel cage”, my face is obscured enough to release an inner-self. However, despite all of this my vision isn’t hindered at all.

The once was a Mexican wrestler by the name of Kick Boxer who wore a mask which was obviously a pair of BVDs. He knew.

In spite of the mocking he may have to endure he went out there and delivered scissor kicks with speedos on his head, simply because they were the superior choice of headwear to maintain perfect vision..

Final Thoughts

Putting underwear over your head really helps you to enter another frame of mind. It could be useful if you’re trying to come up with ideas or contemplate life. It can’t hurt to try.

Well, actually it can hurt a lot. If you do want to try wearing panties on your head, please do it in the privacy of your own locked room.  If someone sees you wearing underwear on your head it will be the last time they see you under any circumstances.

Depending on the person this could have disastrous results to your life. Then again, it could also be the best thing for your life.

Good luck and happy pantying.

Original Article: GO

It adds a layer of intensity to the wearer. You can see it in the eyes.

Exhibit A: “Robber wearing panty mask.”

Exhibit B: “Another robber wearing panty mask.”

Exhibit C: “Mexican Masked Wrestler: Kick Boxer”


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