kuma sighting 2

OK, so it may not be a living, breathing polar bear (only joking, kids- of course it’s real!), but this certainly isn’t something that you’d expect to see on your way to work in the big city!

In photos uploaded to Twitter on Thursday this week, this brilliant white bear was spotted taking it easy at a fishing pond in Tokyo’s Ichigaya district before heading over to Shibuya station where he wowed passersby. Quite who was in the suit (again, just kidding, kids) and what their motive was for the bizarre yet crowd pleasing occurrence we have no idea, but this would definitely make our day, too.

▼ “What!? There’s a polar bear fishing!”

kuma sighting 2

Kuma sighting from afar

▼ Pretty soon a small crowd gathered around the bear.

kuma sighting 3

▼ “Polar bear at Shibuya station! I couldn’t catch him, though…”

kuma sighting 4

▼ “LOL. There’s a polar bear walking around in the station!”

kuma sighting 5

Arctic animals enjoying their day off in the city and a man with a daikon radish tied to a dog lead. There’s never a dull day in Tokyo…

Source: はちま起稿