Cagemon title

Some people love Pokémon. Some people love movies. And some people love actor and director Nicholas Cage. Quite why one creative individual decided that the Face/Off and Kick-Ass star would look good as a pocket monster, though, we have no idea. One thing’s for certain, though: Cagémon is at once wonderful and terrifying.

On a mission to meld Nicholas Cage’s face with all 151 original pokémon, Tumblr user Pokemonxniccage has been delighting and confusing fans online for some time now. Quite frankly we think they deserve twice the number of followers!

Just check this freaky bunch out:

▼ Cage as Butterfree


▼ Cage-apod!


▼ He looks strangely comfortable as a Weedle…


▼ And positively overjoyed to be a Charizard!


▼ Cage as Raticate is pretty menacing



▼ But Cagetoise is our favourite by far.

Cagemon title

For even more weirdness visit Pokemonxniccage

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Oh, Nic. How they abuse you…

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