Schoolgirl power version 2

It’s all too easy to sneer whenever someone in the media brings up “the youth of today” and how they’re always wasting time with their gadgets, music and wallpaper paste or whatever it is they do instead of studying to become the people who will one day run the country and help us on and off the toilet.

But when we stumble upon photos of such epic proportions as these, we can’t help but forgive Japan’s youth for tooling around every now and then, and find ourselves smiling as we look on and think: man, that’s cool.

In what can only be described as magical kung fu photography, images of these 12 young ladies appeared on Japanese online message boards late last night simply titled “Kids these days LOL”. We can probably all guess how the pictures were taken, but for now let’s suspend our disbelief for as long as the girls remain in the air and just enjoy.

Take it away, crazy ninja masters:

▼With an opponent on either side, this girl centres her chi and sends them flying back.

Schoolgirl power version 3

▼This photo actually looks more like the girls are floating toward our heroine than being propelled away if we’re being completely honest.

Schoolgirl power


Schoolgirl power version 2

Or should we say: BOOM!

Schoolgirl power version 2 with effects

Oh, you kids, you crack me up. Stay alert, ninjas!

Source: Vipper 速報 (Japanese)

Schoolgirl power version 2 manga style