An especially unusual schoolgirl is getting quite the reputation on Twitter due to the fact that she is either a) suffering from hypertrichosis or, b) is actually a very old man (who is young at heart).

The sailor uniformed old man is primarily seen in the Ikebukuro and Shinjuku areas of Tokyo and seems to have carved a niche posing with schoolgirls, who are seriously eating it up. This may be the freshest new way for guys out of their prime to make some new lady friends.

The old man is so popular with high school girls that groups of them literally seek him out for photo ops. Here at RocketNews24, we’re generally of the opinion that Japan is more or less like any other country, but it’s times like these that make us shake our heads in bemusement and go, “oh, Japan…”


Affectionately known as “Old Man JK,” this cosplaying (crossplaying?) geriatric is something of a legend for possessing extremely nice legs, in addition to a wicked beard and, obviously, the unusual choice of clothing.

The old man’s friendly demeanor and general positive attitude seems to have captivated the twittersphere (can we call it that yet?), with Japanese users leaving such comments as:

“He’s so cute! I want to meet him.”

“He has a wonderful smile!”

“This is great. He seems like he’s living a really fun life.”

“I’ve lost to Old Man JK’s cuteness.”

Seems like Old Man JK is a growing star. Maybe we ought to send our very own Mr. Sato downtown to see if we can replicate his success.

Source: Byoukan Sunday (Japanese)

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