China daiads

Despite the country’s phenomenal growth in recent years, the words “Made in China” carry certain negative connotations for some. Ignoring the fact that a vast proportion of our electrical goods–iPhones included–are assembled there, many people are quick to point to the label on their goods whenever a problem occurs.

Rather than focus on the negative, though, we’d like to take a few moments to commend China’s creativity and ingenuity when it comes to copyright restriction and trademarked brands. From Penesamig batteries to Calvim Klaim underwear, China is without a doubt the king of clever imitation.

Surfacing on Japan’s Hamster Sokuhou earlier this week, the following images provide some of the most wonderful examples of imitation goods we’ve ever seen. While we can’t say for certain that every one of these comes from China, they remain special in their own way nevertheless. Let’s begin, shall we?

  • Hungry?

▼Pizza Huh?

China Pizza Huh

▼ Kentucky Fried…?

China KFG

▼Ol’ McMcDonald had a farm…

China oMcMcdonald's

▼King Burger! With McDonald’s fries, no less!

China king burger

▼Like your chocolate a little kinkier? How about a bag of S&M’s?

China S&M's

  • How about something to wash that down?

▼Crack open a Heimekem!

China heimekem

▼ Or, if you prefer a slightly more Latin flavour, Cerono Extra.

China Cerono

  • Getting technical

▼The Wii gets a curvy facelift.

China wii

▼The PX-3600, meanwhile, features time-warping controllers.

China xbox

▼Ten house points to the first reader who can tell us what this thing actually does.

China PZ3

▼Picked from a different tree.

CHina pear phone

▼We’re not even sure we know how to read this one…

China Aippie

▼ This Nokla comes with an impressive lens.

China Nokla

▼Presumably a different kind of PCP to illegal Class-A drug…

China PCP

  • Fashion show!

▼Winners wear Nire.

China Nire

▼Or sometimes Nkie.

China Nkie

▼You know how your eyes sometimes play tricks on you?

China daiads

▼If you walk fast no one will be able to tell.

China Adadis

▼Never play polo in the house, kids.

China Rapla House

▼ I was a pant boy on the set of Dirty Deborah 6 when I was a university student…

China pant boy

▼I buy all my popcorn from Cavern Kernel.

China Cavern Kernel

▼It’s not a knock-off, it’s Docha and Cabanov.

China D&C

▼Huan Bsos. Distant cousin to Hugo Boss.

China BSOS

  • Everyday essentials

▼ How’s that new shampoo working out for you? Meh, it’s okay…

china okay shampoo

▼To be fair, why is a hammer any better?

China arm and hatchet

▼ Not for special purposes.

China Penesamig

▼ And of course, something for the kids.

China Batichica

Finally, as much as we’d like to believe that China’s delicatessens are such enormous fans of the banned social network Facebook, the number plate on that parked car looks more like a British one than a Chinese. Hong Kong, perhaps?

When your face needs food, there’s only one place to go:

China Facefood

China, you’re the best.

Source: ハムスター速報